Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Girl and a Glue Gun Inspired Apron!

Well, it's Spring Break here in sunny Florida and its....raining. Boo! I ran out of plain hair clippies to beautify the other day, so today during the kiddos naptime I decided to go through the Goodwill bag and see if there was anything in there I could have some fun with. Score! I found a perfectly good pair of turquoise corduroy pants my littlest grew out of. A Girl and a Glue Gun makes these really cute aprons out of the pants legs of old jeans. I decided to give it a try. It was a super easy and super fast project! (I like those!) Of course I was making it for an almost 2 year old, who is also kinda teeny, so it would probably take longer to make an adult size one. But not by much. I really like it, and now my other kids want one too! I'm gonna have to start saving more outgrown jeans!

The Corduroy Apron
(inspired by AGAAGG)

Dragonfly Designs

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