Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tutu Cute!

My good friend Jennifer asked me to make her Little Cutie a tutu skirt which of course I was thrilled to do! It's so fun to make frilly pink stuff! I had never made a tutu before so I scoured the Internet for tutu how-tos. I found TONS of tutorials for making a no sew tutu, but her daughter is 2 and if she is anything like my littlest Munchkin, she will have her tutu untied in no time. So I just decided to wing it. Kinda like I usually do. Most of my sewing is total trial and error and if it weren't for all the awesome crafty bloggers out there who are way better than me giving me free tutorials, it would probably be mostly error. Here is what I did. It probably wasn't the "correct" way to do it, but I'm really happy with the results!

First I took my three colors of pink shiny tulle from Hobby Lobby (1 yard of each) and folded them all together into about a 12 inch wide stack. I cut all the folds and then cut strips about 4 inches wide. Sorry, I didn't measure, just eyeballed it.

Then I took 2 strips of the same color and folded an inch over on the short end and sewed a casing.
I did that for the whole stack of strips. Take 2 of the same color, fold, sew casing.

Then I took some 3/4 inch elastic and threaded it through the casings. I went white, light pink, hot pink, but the pattern is up to you! I pushed it all on so the tutu was nice and gathered then sewed the elastic together.

I LOVE how it turned out!

I decided to make a little pair of matching trunks too ( I call em spanky pants, but people look at me weird) I can't wait to see how they look on Jen's Little Miss!


  1. This really is tutu cute! Also, the pictures in your header are making me drool!

  2. You did a fabulous job! Can you make me a tutu ;) I'd even wear the spanky pants!

    Thanks for sharing with Blog Stalking Thursday!


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