Monday, July 25, 2011

Before and After...Sort of

Last week my Hubby bought a couple cans of black spray paint for a project he was working on, and ended up only using one of them. Which made for a very happy Wifey, since I had a few projects of my own to do! I recently went shopping in my parents' garage (thanks Mom and Dad!) and found an old blue wooden coffee cup tree that used to be in their kitchen when I was growing up. It had definitely seen better days. I found some other stuff too, but that's for another day.

First, I took this down...

and painted the frame. Much better. The colors really pop now!

Ok, so I realized when I was getting the pictures together for the next part of this post that I broke the cardinal rule of Before and Afters. I KINDA forgot to take before pictures. Yeah, major fail. But I can assure you that the after looks way better!

A few coats of glossy black spray paint and things are looking up!

Here's the end result and I LOVE it now! I also painted my paper towel holder to match, it used to be plain old natural wood. It looks so nice now with my white mugs and sugar bowl (which I forgot to put in the pic). See my sad knife block back there? That's getting a makeover too, but not black. I'm thinking maybe a rusty red-ish to coordinate with my valances. I really like this one from Infarrantly Creative.

Only problem? I don't have a Silhouette. Big sad face...Maybe a stencil, or scrapbook paper and ModPodge...I guess I'll have to experiment a little. Any suggestions?

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