Monday, August 8, 2011


I'm so happy! This past week I made my first wedding cake! I was so nervous, seeing as almost 200 people were going to see and eat it. But luckily everything went down without any major disasters and the bride was thrilled with the outcome. So here it is, a three tiered round traditional white cake with buttercream and fondant flowers. I also made some sunflower cupcake bouquets to coordinate with her theme.

This was taken when I dropped the cake off. We were trying out the "P" topper, and unfortunately it kept falling off and eventually it landed on the floor and broke! So instead of buying another and trying to make it stay, we went with a fresh sunflower on top. I think it looked even better and fit her personality even more!

This picture was taken at the reception. Unfortunately I couldn't get in front to take a picture, too many people in the way but the photographers got a great picture that I'm going to get from them!

This is the groom's cake. The groom plays guitar so the bride wanted to surprise him with something special!

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  1. These cakes look amazing - I love making cakes for my kids - the sunflower ones would be fun for my daughters birthday. - Congratulations on your first official wedding cake

  2. woo to the hoo for a success! :) The wedding cake looks lovely. Love the sunflowers too!
    thanks for sharing @ ccc

  3. I love the guitar! So cute! Great job!


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