Sunday, November 14, 2010

Baby Shower Bliss!

A few weeks ago my best friend asked me if I would bake something for her baby shower. Well of course I said yes; one, because she's my best friend, and two, because it gave me a reason to get in the kitchen and try something new!  I ask her what kind of look she is going for and she tells me, "Anything! As long as it's your chocolate cake!" That makes my heart happy, since that's my favorite too, but I can't just go and do something as easy as making my chocolate cake! I have a photo album with a cute sketch of a baby carriage on the cover and went with that as my inspiration for the cake, then I went online to find the perfect recipes to create a cupcake that tasted like an orange creamsicle. I guess I was feeling a little nostalgic for childhood treats because since I had some leftover chocolate cake batter, I made some chocolate cupcakes too, with the idea in mind to make them "faux-stess" cupcakes.

Looks pretty yummy, even without the icing huh?

Here's the finished product. I didn't make enough of the "faux-stess" cupcakes to be able to take a picture with a, I mean cut in half to show the cream filling, but I was told they tasted like the real thing. The baby shower was lots of fun, and guests were coming back for seconds on the cake and cupcakes, so I'll take that as a success!

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