Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Love Naptime...

Ahhh, naptime. The only part of the day where I can actually concentrate on the things that I need to get done. Usually I spend this time cleaning, folding laundry, picking up know all the super fun stuff that I just LOVE to do. But lately I have been distracted from my housework by my sewing machine. As soon as I put the kids in to bed I can hear it calling..."come on, you've got nothing better to do, sit down and turn me on!"

Last week's distraction was this cute little pillowcase dress. The pillowcase came from a set I already had so it was a free project! Gotta love free fabric.

It was super easy to make, and looks cute as a sundress and over leggings and a long sleeve shirt for the winter!

Today's project was a super quick one, so I can't even say it was a distraction. I was pulling my twin boys' laundry basket across the house to the laundry room and wondering to myself why I still haven't put a liner in it to make my life a little easier. Well, duh! It's because I didn't have a sewing machine before and I never wanted to spend the money to buy cute liner! So I found a curtain from our old house that I wasn't going to use anymore, (yea! more free fabric!!!) and whipped up a cute basket liner complete with handles.

It looks way cuter now, and makes dragging their laundry around much easier for me!

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