Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Call Me Crafty!

I have a new obsession. This year for Christmas my Hubby bought me something that I have been wanting probably since high school.
Yup, a sewing machine, that's what I have been wanting for so long...yeah, I know, I'm kinda a dork! Well, since trying this baby out, I have gone a little craft crazy. I have already made sundresses for my two Punkins, a bassinet liner for a friend who is having her first baby, and a bib and some funny little Peepee Teepees for my bestest friend who just had her fourth baby! ( She just HAD to catch up to me, lol)

My girls modeling their new dresses. I think Madison has found her calling!

Bassinet Liner

Bib and Peepee Teepees!

I have totally fallen in love with sewing, so I'm sure there will be more projects to come...I may have to change my title from The Baking Mom to The Domestic Diva! Ha Ha Ha!!!

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